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Dyrehagedetektivene - book series

Written by Mona Grivi Norman & illustrated by Tiril J. Bellinghiri

This detective series featuring animal enthusiasts Theo & Hanna was originally illustrated by the talented Isabell Martinsen, she designed and illustrated this world and their characters for 7 books before moving on to other projects. I was asked to finish what she had started for book 8, 9 & 10. Book 8 "Haien Kommer" was published in 2021, and Book 9 "Gepardgåten" is currently being worked on for completion in 2022!

"Haien Kommer" was intended to be a soft transition for the readers and was drawn to mimic the original style, while "Gepardgåten" is going to be something in-between me and Isabell's work.

Gepardgåten - Development sketches

Book 9 in the Dyrehagedetektivene series is coming later this year - Gepardgåten!

Written by Mona Grivi Norman & illustrated by Tiril J. Bellinghiri

Some early development sketches for book 9, Gepardgåten! Featuring the early cover concepts, greyscale contrast test, finished illustration for the front page and character development for the books supporting cast! I can't show more yet ♡

Haien kommer - sketches and pages

Book 8 in the Dyrehagedetektivene is out now - Haien Kommer!

Written by Mona Grivi Norman & illustrated by Tiril J. Bellinghiri, cover by Isabell Martinsen.

I jumped in on this project pretty late in development so to meet the deadline there wasn't a lot of time for developmental sketches, but I can show some of my favorite illustrations and accompanying sketches instead!

The greatest challenge with this book was trying to match the characters to their original style with so little time, but it was a great learning experience and a fun project nonetheless!

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