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3rd place winner in Egmont's comic contest 2021

Written by Lucy K. Østmann & illustrated by Tiril J. Bellinghiri

A graphic novel about a young girl who discovers the lost city of Atlantis while on a journey of self discovery.

A thrilling story of love, loss, family, and coming of age.



Haien Kommer ✧ Gepardgåten

Dyrehagedetektivene is a story written by Mona Grivi Norman and illustrated by Isabell Martinsen and Tiril J Bellinghiri.

The story follows Theo & Hanna, two curious animal detectives who loves to solve mysteries. It's an educational book series for animal lovers.

Published by Aschehoug.


My senior year film at UHAnimation, University of Hertfordshire.

Twinkle is having a rough day for her first day of work and learns that it's ok to get help sometimes ♡


Music by Karno LeKarnal

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Catlawn Illustration

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