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Daugther of Atlantis - graphic novel

3rd place winner in Egmont's comic contest 2021

Written by Lucy K. Østmann & illustrated by Tiril J. Bellinghiri

In 2021 me and my dear friend Lucy got together to participate in Egmonts comic contest with our graphic novel "Daugther of Atlantis". The concepts and ideas had been with us for a while, but the contest was the kick we needed to finally produce something to show for it!


Over 200 talented artists and writers participated with their works and we made it to the top 25 semi finalists, which in itself was a huge honor considering how amazingly skilled all the participants were. So we had to do a double take when we found ourself in 3rd place during the finals, it was incredibly humbling to get that kind of recognition for something we were so passionate about. So thank you so much to the judges for giving us that love and appreciation! 

Atlantis the full comic is in progress and is scheduled to be published by Egmont in 2024

Concept - characters

Progress - sketches