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Roxas - 2d Puppet

I produced some live motion-capture 2D puppets in Adobe Character Animator to use for live streaming on Twitch. I took the program head on for the first time and taught myself the software. I planned and sketched out the stop motion images in Paint Tool SAI before moving to Photoshop to put it all together and set up the layer hierarchy and assign roles. I then rigged and tested the final product in Adobe Character Animator. 

This puppet features motion capture expressions, live lip-sync and "gravity" controlled features such as ears, hair and other soft accessories. 

JENNA - 2d Puppet

I wanted to produce a counterpart to the Roxas puppet and to learn some new things and stretch the limits of the old rig by adding new features and experimenting with the capabilities software. So I made Jenna!

This puppet features a lot of the same as the Roxas puppet, but also includes Animated Triggers that can be activated while streaming, it adds some more life and character to the puppet! 

tier 5.png

Catlawn Illustration

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